6 Game Suspension For Watson

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6 game suspension was announced for Watson. Cleveland Browns new quarterback Deshaun Watson is going to face a 6 game ban. At this point finally hearing the suspension was long over due. After all of the back and forth we’ve finally got the ruling. From various media outlets it was presented that the NFL wanted at least a full season suspension. So finally the suspension that was determined by Judge Sue L. Robinson was six games for violating the personal conduct policy.

6 Game Suspension

After all the rumors and accusations and misrepresented number of games we’ve finally heard from the Judge herself. Her decison was 6 games. However we did not get to this decison without rumors and controversies. The NFL wanted an indefinite suspension of at least a full season for Deshuan Watson. As a result of the rumored one year ban fans begin thinking that would be the official ruling. Therefore the actual suspension which is 6 games looks like a slap on the wrist to a lot of people. The rumored case the league presented to the Judge Robinson did not support a one year ban.

Disciplinary Hearing

The NFL and NFLPA agreed upon a new disciplinary process. This was because the NFLPA didn’t like that NFL commissoner Roger Goddell had to much power. For instance many people referred to the power that Goddell had as the judge, jury and excutioner. Therefore, the NFLPA did not want that to continue. At this point the league and players agreed on this new process and a jointly appointed abritar, Judge Sue L. Robinson. According to multiple reports during said hearing the NFL presented a lack luster case. Out of the 24 civil suits the league choose to focus on 5 specific cases. During the hearing the Judge did not accept one case and it was down to 5. The question, why only 5 out of 24?

Whats Next?

Following the 6 game suspension a lot of fans are wondering whats next for Deshuan Watson and this entire process. As a result of the suspension the NFL has the ability to appeal the decison given from Judge Robinson. The NFL now has three business days to file an appeal. The NFLPA issued a statement Sunday night saying that whatever the decison was they would not appeal it and call for the NFL to do the same. We have yet to hear a decison on the appeal process from the league office. Many believe that the NFL should not appeal and respect the decison given out by Judge Robinson. Deshaun will be able to continue training camp practices and play in preseason games. In addition Deshaun Watson cannot be with the team until week 4, where he can then begin to reaclimate to the team.


It has been over a full year since this entire situation all began. To be exact it has been 1 year and 5 months, much closer to this being two years. Above all it is now time that all parties come to a conclusion. For the civil cases Deshuan settled 20 of 24 suits against him in June. In addition early in the morning on August 1st Watson settled 3 of the final 4 cases filed against him. This case has come a long way and faced much scrutiny. What I believe will happen is that the NFL will not appeal but instead impose a heavy fine of some sort. In conclusion the fine should then be given towards a cause for sexual assault victims and survivors.

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