A Must Win For The Browns?

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The Cleveland Browns face the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football. Is this a must-win for the Browns coming in at 2-5 on the season? They are currently on a four-game losing streak and haven’t won a game since the Thursday Night victory against the Steelers. Over that span, there have been lackluster defensive play and subpar quarterback play in clutch game moments. Along with that at times there have been some questionable coaching calls in critical areas.

Must Win On MNF!

To answer the question earlier, will this game Monday night be a must-win? Yes! If the Browns would like to keep this season afloat they need to win this next game against the Bengals. This Browns team cannot afford to fall to 2-6. The season is on the brink of faltering and they need to right the ship immediately. After the Bengals the Browns will be just three games away from the debut of Deshaun Watson. When he returns the team should give him about five wins to work with (5-6). The Browns are 1-1 in the division and can be 2-1 with a win against Cincinnati. If the Browns can win then the Afc North will be wide open.

Keys to Victory

A few areas for victory against the Bengals is communication on defense. This has been a primary emphasis for the defense since the week 2 debacle against the Jets. All eleven guys on defense must give an effort on defense. Once again staying sound and disciplined against this Bengals team is massively important. With the Bengals ability to create big plays, the defense must play together. On the offensive side of the ball, they must play their game. Which is grind it out style run the ball. The Browns may look to control the clock to limit some big plays and help the defense out. This game should contain a lot of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. For Jacoby Brissett, he must play within the system and take what the defense gives him.

Schedule Game

Monday Night Football against the Bengals is a very winnable game they must put it together here and have an all-around team win. Following this Monday night game, there will be the bye week and then the Trade deadline. Next will be the Dolphins game which is reasonable to think they could win. Then is the Bills game where it’s unlikely they beat one of the best teams in the league but never say never. Finally, the Buccaneers, where that team is facing multiple injuries and a lack of chemistry. They can win. Looking at the next few games the path to victory is there. The Browns must come together as a team and find the way.


First and foremost is this scenario for the Browns realistic? It can be, for the fact that it was about this time last year the defense really started to come together and played top-five defense. This time last year the one piece that was missing for that Browns team was an offense capable to score the ball. If the Browns can get the defensive play paired with a top-ten offense this team can be a force. The question is can it and will it be done? Regardless of if this actually happens. The Browns trade for Deshaun Watson wasn’t just about this season. It was about four years beyond this season. Hope is not lost Watson debuts soon and the future is bright. Ultimately the Browns final record this season will be in the realm of 9-8 or 8-9.

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