Aaron Rodgers Turned Down Contract Extension From Packers

Aaron Rodgers
Photograph of Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers-Stacy Revere/Getty Images

In a Tuesday morning bombshell in the Aaron Rodgers saga, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers rejected an extension from the Packers. The extension per Schefter would make Rodgers the league’s highest-paid player.

This newest variable adds a new dynamic into the ongoing saga between Rodgers and the Packers. Back in June, I highlighted the disfunction in the Packers organization and Rodgers. However, that was before today’s bombshell from Schefter regarding a contract extension.

But since the report was done by Schefter, there is one important thing he released the original draft day story. This is important because, with an interview with Dan Patrick, he hinted that he chose to release the story on the draft day. Since I am making an emphasis on this, I want to put an emphasis on the timing of the release. The Green Bay Packers will be hosting their annual shareholder meeting this weekend.

So, with the release being a few days before the meeting, the Packers can control the narrative. This will allow Packers leadership to at least say we tried to get Rodgers to return. Now how shareholders respond to Aaron Rodgers’ news rejecting the contract is up to them to decide.

What Does This News Mean To The Aaron Rodgers and Packers Saga?

The major takeaway this means is simple the Packers tried to make everything right with Rodgers. However, Rodgers not accepting the contract might mean that he does not want to play in Green Bay and wants to move on from the team. But, Green Bay is showing no sign they will be willing to trade and or release Rodgers. This has created the standoff that has been going on for months.

Above all, Rodgers did not show up at mandatory mini-camps in June, and the team had the option to not fine him. So, the next question is will Rodgers report to training camp, or will the holdout continue into August.

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