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An Update on American Beach Volleyball

American Beach Volleyball
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Two of the American beach volleyball teams were back in action. April Ross and Alex Klineman went to 2-0 in Pool B as they defeated the Spanish team of Liliana Fernandez Steiner and Elsa Baquerizo McMillan. Nick Lucena and Phil Dalhausser got they’re first win of the tournament in Pool D as they defeated the Brazilian team of Cerutti Alison and Filho Alvaro.

Ross and Klineman

The first set was closely contested as the Americans held a slim 7-6 lead. Ross and Klineman went on a 9-4 scoring run to make it 14-9 topped by a Klineman ace serve. Ross got in on the fun as the US team took the first set 21-13. 
The second set got underway and it wasn’t that close.

Despite some service errors, Ross and Klineman jumped out to leads at multiple stretches of the set. Spain tried to get back in it with a 3-0 run to make it 19-16. However, the Americans were not phased and Klineman got the key block to get the win 21-16. 

Lucena and Dalhausser

Dalhausser showed off the vintage power as he slammed the ball down to tie the first set at 7. It became tied again at 15 as Lucena got in on the fun as well. Alvaro had the set on his hand. However, it was hit out of bounds to once again tie the set. This time, at 20. In extra points, the Americans took the set 24-22.

After trailing to start the second set, the US ripped off a 4-1 scoring run. But, the Brazilians stayed in it. Alison made a key block to take the lead 13-8. Momentum continued in their favor and they took the second set 21-19.

Dalhausser continued his stellar play as he made another great play in set three. This time, a major block to make the score 11-7. Alvaro got the kill to survive the first match point opportunity and got the set back to a one point affair. However, it only delayed the final blow from Nick Lucena to end it 15-13. Defeating the third ranked team in the world is a major morale booster for the pair of 41 year olds. Each American beach volleyball team now has at least one win so far.

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