Angels Fire Joe Maddon

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Earlier this week we covered the Angels’ current losing streak, and now the team has taken action, in firing manager Joe Maddon. Phil Nevin has been named the team’s interim manager. Maddon signed a three-year 12 million dollar contract with the team back in 2019.

Maddon began his managerial career in Anaheim in 2019, after the team moved on from a brief stint with Brad Ausmus. He was actually returning to the team he began his coaching career with back in 1994 and even made a few interim managerial appearances himself, totaling 52 games over several seasons. Maddon also played in the Angels organization during his brief playing career.

Maddon has previously managed the Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago Cubs. He was able to cross a few milestones with those teams, as he led the Rays to the 2008 AL pennant, and the Cubs to their first World Series victory in 108 years. Many were skeptical of Maddon’s ways, as he surely used an unorthodox managerial style. It seems those ways have caught up to Maddon in Anaheim as he finds his way out.

During his time with the Angels, Maddon led the team to a 157-172 record. This is something of a disappointment, especially for a team that contains arguably the game’s two best players. The team got off to a rapid start to the season, forcing some to believe this could be the year things finally clicked. Maddon and the Angels disproved that theory, for the time being, going on a horrid stretch, and falling into their current 12-game losing streak.

What Does This Mean for the Angels?

When we covered the Angels’ current losing streak, making a change was something we suggested. The Angels have made that change in a big way today. Starting today’s game, Phil Nevin will step in as interim manager. Nevin originally stepped into the Angels organization back in 1998 for one year as a player during his 12-year playing career. He went into a brief stint in broadcasting after his playing career and before his coaching career. His coaching career started with minor league stints with the Tigers and Diamondbacks. Nevin made it back to the MLB in 2017 coaching for the Giants and then shifting to the Yankees from 2018 to 2021. The Angels hired Nevin back in November to serve as their third-base coach for the 2022 season.

The Angels have yet to find a manager that will stick since Mike Scioscia. Scioscia struggled himself near the end of his managerial career, so perhaps the issue is something rooted deeper in the organization. We have seen the team shift GMs during that time as well.

It will remain to be seen if this is the change the Angels needed to breakout. The Phillies recently fired their manager, which led to a series sweep of the Angels, so perhaps they are looking to follow the same path. This marks a disappointing moment in what was expected to be a big year for the Angels, and it will be seen how the rest of the season plays out for the team.

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