Anthony Volpe Becomes First Yankee Rookie to Win Gold Glove

The highly talented and coveted Yankees prospect Anthony Volpe, has certainly shown he was a bright spot for them despite the terrible season as an organization. Anthony Volpe becomes the very first Yankee ever to win a gold glove as a rookie. For a prized organization like New York, Volpe will be remembered forever in Yankee History at just 22 years old.

Dreams Come True

For some people, their dreams might not ever come true, but for Anthony Volpe, his came true in 2019. With the 30th pick in the first round, the New York Yankees drafted the kid who grew up in New Jersey. However, with Volpe’s dream coming true, his journey and career is only beginning.

With all eyes of the Yankees fanbase, they watched him develop in the minor leagues just waiting for the call to the show, after years and years of not having stability in the position they previously had with Derek Jeter from (1995-2014). In the wake of the new season, Anthony Volpe got his call after a good spring training and he didn’t look back.

Yankees History

The young 22-year-old forever cemented his name into Yankee History, becoming the first rookie EVER to win a gold glove, not even his idol Derek Jeter was able to accomplish that. Anthony Volpe has now made his own name at shortstop for the New York Yankees, but now it comes with enormous expectations.


Now heading into his sophomore season the New York Yankees expect to see an even better Anthony Volpe defensively, and especially offensively. I expect that average to climb as he settles in his second season. With acquiring his first gold glove, the expectations in New York are only getting bigger.

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