Atlanta’s Outfield Trade Deadline Targets

Ian Happ, OF, Chicago Cubs
Atlanta’s Outfield took a hit when Adam Duvall was annouced as out for the season. Ian Happ, OF Chicago Cubs, make sense as a a replacement for him. Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Ian Happ Makes Sense In Atlanta’s Outfield

Atlanta’s Outfield took a hit when the team announced that Adam Duvall was out for the season. Duvall’s hitting had picked up in the last few weeks, and while not in Michael Harris class as defensive outfielder, he is not bad either. Looking at who might replace him a name that makes sense is Ian Happ.

Happ made his first All-Star team for the Chicago Cubs this year. Atlanta would not pay much for him, because he makes just $6.85 million this season. Happ played both center and left field in the past. His solid all around season at the plate make him a solid offensive replacement for Duvall as well. The Cubs asking price for him, in terms of prospects or starters in return, certainly will not be as high as Wilson Contreras. He should be high on Atlanta’s outfield tade target list.

Cincinnati Reds LF Tommy Pham
Tommy Pham, Cincinnati Reds LF Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Tommy Pham represents another inexpensive option to replace Duvall. He signed with the Cincinnati Reds for just one year, meaning he is even less of a risk to sign than Happ. Also unlike Happ Pham is strictly a left fielder, but he is solid defensively. His batting average also is also lower but he has displayed slightly more power this year. Pham spent a number of years with the St Louis Cardinals and Tampa Bay Rays so he is more used to playoff pressure than Happ.

Benintendi High On Many’s Outfield Wish List

Andrew Benintendi has already been mentioned as a trade deadline target for Atlanta. His power stats are not at Happ’s or Pham’s levels but he is a gold glove outfielder and he hits for a better average. Also, given all the interest in Benintendi, his price will be substantially higher. How much will the Braves give up for an outfielder when they also need starting pitching and bullpen help?

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