Baker Mayfield Gets A Fresh Start In Carolina


On Wednesday, July 6th, 2022, the Cleveland Browns shipped former 1st overall pick, Baker Mayfield, to the Carolina Panthers. In return, the Browns received a conditional 2024 5th-round pick. The trade is pending until Mayfield is cleared on his physical that takes place on Thursday, July 7th. This move changes the dynamics of a few things. Let’s dive into how this Baker Mayfield trade affects the league.

How We Got Here

There is no question Baker Mayfield wanted out of Cleveland. Odell Beckham Senior sort of started this media barrage on Mayfield during the 2021 regular season. OBJ’s father frequently reminded social media of the QB’s shortcomings.

After the Beckham situation was extinguished, the locker room was clearly not united. The situation got worse after Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski had Mayfield toss the ball 38 times with a torn labrum. Mayfield went 16-38 for 185 yards that game. Two TDs, two INTs. The Browns only ran a designed run 18 times. Some speculate that Stefanski was trying to expose Baker Mayfield. This was their second to last game of the year, and on primetime television.

The final nail in the coffin was when the Browns began to negotiate for Deshaun Watson. After the news broke that the Browns were in on Watson, we soon heard Baker Mayfield’s request to be traded. The Browns had originally declined that request, but then they landed Deshaun Watson. After bringing the franchise a playoff win for the first time in a long time, Baker had been replaced. Replaced by someone who has 20+ sexual assault allegations and could be suspended for a long time, nonetheless.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Baker Mayfield now has new scenery around him. The Panthers’ offensive line is under rebuild, but they have a few solid pieces. Christian McCaffrey has Pro-Bowl potential when healthy. Adding Baker could mean lessening the workload a bit for CMC. Robby Anderson and D.J. Moore are two solid wideouts who can go to the next level with good QB play. The offensive side of the ball has upgraded after the addition of Baker. The Panthers’ defense can hold their own and could help lead this team to a Wildcard spot.

What This Means For The NFL

This move shakes a few narratives up. The only team clearly in the QB market now is the Seahawks. Jimmy Garoppolo of the 49ers is the only QB that is set to change teams before the season starts. An inter-divisional trade involving a QB is unlikely. The Eagles and Commanders did with Donovan McNabb. But Jimmy G just lead the 9ers to the NFC championship, do they really want to play him twice a year? Sure, the two parties have a good relationship still. But don’t you think if Jimmy G sees his replacement twice a year, it’ll make him play a little harder?


The Baker Mayfield in Cleveland saga is finally over, and boy was it a roller-coaster. It will be interesting to see how things shake out, do you think Baker can lead the Panthers to success? Has Baker found his new home, or is he just another rental QB for the Panthers? Let us know!

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