Bam Adebayo addresses Lillard trade talks

We may not be far off of Bam Adebayo and Damian Lillard being teammates, that is at least if Miami is the destination that Portland sends their flustered Point Guard to. Adebayo at one point was mentioned in the reported trade talks between the two teams. Though, Miami has said they won’t trade Adebayo. Instead, he may part of the reason Lillard wants to play in Miami so badly.

Adebayo and Lillard became close friends during their time together playing for Team USA. Adebayo confirmed that friendship between the two and addressed it openly during a media session recently, which Clay Ferraro of WPLG-TV revealed.

Adebayo stated during that media session, that he and Lillard “continue to be close friends.” He stated that both the Blazers and the Heat want a potential trade “to make sense.”

“I don’t know what’s about to happen. The biggest thing is, man, it’s business,” Adebayo told reporters. “Everybody wants it to make sense, everybody on their side—obviously on the other side wants it to make sense, too. I feel like it’s just a waiting game until they make an agreement, if or when it does happen.”

Little has come to light on the trade front outside of that the Blazers are trying to find a deal. Lillard will continue to play for Portland until a deal is done. Though, Miami remains to be the frontrunner they are not desperate to get a deal done either.

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