Gibb and Bourne Take Match Two

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The USA beach volleyball team of Jake Gibb and Tri Bourne won in pool play again. This time, they beat Mirco Gerson and Adrian Heidrich of Switzerland. The newest USA beach volleyball team is now 2-0.

First Set

The match started with the Swiss getting out to a 4-3 lead. The back and forth theme continued at the set became even at 8. Neither duo was giving an inch as they traded punches. The Americans got out to a 14-10 lead which warranted a timeout from Switzerland. Switzerland roared back to make it 15-14. The US countered with a timeout of their own. It proved to be the right decision as the Americans ripped off a 4-1 run. A costly service error set point opportunity. On the third set point, the US took set one 21-19. 

Second Set

Once again it was close in the second set. The Swiss had an 11-10 lead at the media timeout, which then grew to a 13-10 lead. At that point, the Swiss had a lopsided dig count of 11-1 against the US. Due to hitting errors by Heidrich, Bourne and Gibb got some points back as they went on a 3-0 run. Both sides were pretty sloppy. Nobody had a clear advantage. Switzerland had a 15-13 lead is the tension built, as did the errors to the tune of 17 for Switzerland.

An ace serve gave the American duo an 18-17 lead. Tied at 19, there was no room for error. Bourne got the kill to make it match point, but the Swiss stayed alive to send it to extra points. Gibb let one go to set up a second match point. However, Gibb drilled the net after that. Gerson did the same to set up a third-match point. After a crazy rally, Bourne got the benefit of a ruled touch to secure the win for the US 23-21. 

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