Beach Volleyball: The A-Team’s Golden Plan Comes Together

Beach Volleyball
PC: USA Beach Volleyball

The beach volleyball tournament in the Olympics has officially come to an end. The USA’s top beach volleyball team of Alix Klineman and April Ross took down the Australian team of Taliqua Clancy and Marliafe Artacho del Solar. It took two sets for the US to win and for April Ross to finally get her gold medal.

Set One

The set began contested, but April Ross had two ace serves back to back to open things up. The US grew the lead with a 4-0 run and the Aussie’s called timeout. The sand temperature prior to the game was 129 degrees. Australia came back firing, but the US kept distancing themselves from the Aussie’s. Even though Australia jumped on a 3-0 run, the US kept forcing the issue and got it to set point. Australia survived the first set point, but not the second. The US took the set 21-15.

Set Two

Australia jumped out 2-0. But, the US got two right back. The US got on a 10-0 run. Ross got another ace serve which pumped up the watch parties back home of the US duo. A timeout was taken for the side change with the score 10-4 in favor of the A-Team. Australia was able to answer with three quick points, but that was answered again. The US called a timeout with the score 14-9 as Australia began to gain momentum and confidence after a 4-0 run. Australia’s run grew to 6-1 and then 8-2. However, the USA kept fighting. After three gold medal set points, a service error by Australia ended the match 21-17, and that locked up the gold medal. The leap if faith that Alix Klineman took by switching from indoor to beach payed off.

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