Ben Simmons Rejects Teammates

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Simmons Drama

The Ben Simmons drama isn’t slowing down anytime soon. After a disappointing playoff run, many had no clue of Ben Simmons’s future in Philadelphia. The star guard was criticized and judged by fans, analysts, and even his teammates after many upsetting performances. Moreover, the lack of shooting ability in Simmons’s game frustrated everyone. There were times where the star was passing up wide-open shots due to his lack of confidence. However, Simmons has made it clear he wants out at all costs. The All-Star has reportedly told the team he won’t report to training camp. According to Woj, Simmons never intends to play another game with the 76ers. Ben is even willing to sit out the whole year, regardless of the fines and repercussions. However, new stories have just emerged, proving there’s no coming back. 

Rejects Teammates Meeting

Embiid, Harris, and Thybulle of the 76ers were all preparing to make a flight to visit with their former teammate. However, Ben quickly turned them down with no interest to meet with them. According to Shams, Simmons didn’t want any of his teammate to waste their time making the trip to LA. Surely, Ben knew that they were coming in hopes to convince them to stay. However, his mind is made up and he will not return to the 76ers at any cost. Moreover, the fans have played a big reason in this as well. According to Windhorst, Ben does not want to be in front of Philly fans any longer. Furthermore, Simmons’s agent Rich Paul shares the same sentiments. It’s an unfortunate situation for all parties involved. We can only hope that Simmons and the 76ers are able to move on in a deal beneficial to both.

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