Best Quarterbacks to Start a Franchise With

By Nick Wojton-Bills Wire

The NFL has never had Quarterback talent or as many elite young Quarterbacks as they do in 2022. The next 10-15 years will be exciting with all these young guns going back and forth. The top six are significantly close, we are splitting hairs here, and they can be rearranged any which way. To qualify for this list, you have to be born on or after January 1st, 1993. The ages next to each Quarterback’s name will be the age they turn by the end of 2022.

Top 15 Quarterbacks to Start a Franchise With

1-Josh Allen (26) Bills
From the start of the 2021 NFL playoffs till now, Josh Allen has been the most dominant player in the NFL. Even with the Bills poor offensive line play and a defensive collapse, Allen had the Bills 13 seconds away from a potential Super Bowl Run. As a passer, Josh Allen has the strongest arm in pro football, the fastest ball velocity, and has become one of the most accurate Quarterbacks. As a runner, Allen is the most powerful QB, one of the fastest, and one of the most athletic Quarterbacks as well. Josh Allen is the most complete Quarterback and most talented Quarterback of all time when you combine size, arm, and legs. If the Buffalo Bills can give Allen any protection and a solid defense in the playoffs, Josh Allen will have multiple Super Bowls.

2-Justin Herbert (24) Chargers
While Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Joe Burrow might be better right now, Herbert will be better very soon. Justin Herbert is in the same tier as those guys but just hasn’t made the playoffs yet. That is in large part due to the talent Justin Herbert’s teams didn’t have in 2020 and 2021. Herbert is the second most talented Quarterback in the NFL and is younger than Josh Allen, Mahomes, Lamar, and Burrow. Justin Herbert in a year or two will be the closest thing to Josh Allen.

3-Joe Burrow (26) Bengals
After winning against Patrick Mahomes and getting to the Super Bowl with the worst offensive line in the NFL, Joe Burrow established himself as a top-tier QB. I have Joe Burrow slightly ahead of Mahomes because he outplayed him in the playoffs last season.

4-Patrick Mahomes (27) Chiefs
5-Trevor Lawrence (23) Jaguars
6-Lamar Jackson (25) Ravens
7-Kyler Murray (25) Cardinals
8-Deshaun Watson (27) Browns
9-Justin Fields (23) Bears
10-Jalen Hurts (24) Eagles
11-Dak Prescott (29) Cowboys
12-Tua Tagovailoa (24) Dolphins
13-Mac Jones (24) Patriots
14-Baker Mayfield (27) Panthers
15-Kenny Pickett (24) Steelers

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