Jim Harbaugh Suspended for Remainder of Season by Big Ten

The Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti suspended Jim Harbaugh for the remainder of the regular season, which includes this Saturday at number ten ranked Penn State, at Maryland and the big showdown, at home against rival number one ranked Ohio State. Michigan has been accused of stealing signs, hence why the Big Ten suspends the program, sending Conor Stallings to scout future opponents that Michigan would play.

There is no proof that this did indeed happen, but Stallings did get let go by Michigan and he did not disclose any information about the scandal. Petitti and the Big Ten did say that Jim Harbaugh can coach his team throughout the week, but he cannot be on the field or coach them during the games.

The Big Ten suspends Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is not the first instance, as he has been suspended multiple times in the past for different instances. This suspension does impact their college football playoff implications and their hopes of winning the Big Ten for the third straight year.

Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti did say this about why the Big Ten suspended Michigan this late into the season, “Enforcing the Sportsmanship Policy with appropriate discipline this season in light of the University’s established violations this season is thus of the utmost importance to protect the reputation of the Conference and its member institutions and to ensure that our competitions on the field are honorable and fair.” Petitti believed that Michigan stole signs and cheated this season, therefore, why Michigan was punished now.

We will have to wait and see how Michigan handles the scenario and if Michigan will try to fight the scandal, as it is rumored that they will bring this to court.


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