Bo Nix Has To Leave Auburn To Achieve Greatness

Bo Nix
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Bo Nix is a legacy story. His father was the Auburn quarterback. Now he is in his third year as the starter for the Tigers. Bo Nix burst onto the scene is freshman year stunning Justin Herbert and the Oregon Ducks in the season opener in Dallas and having a very good year overall. His second collegiate season was rocky campaign. So far this season he has shown plenty of flashes. However, the LSU game made one thing abundantly clear. He can be a great quarterback, but he has to leave Auburn to make it happen.

What Happened During The LSU Game?

Plain and simple, Nix was running for his life. Folks, this is not the national championship LSU defense that dominated and rolled over everybody. It’s a defense that has had its moments but isn’t anything super special. Yet somehow the Auburn offensive line got steamrolled by them and had their program QB and face of the team scrambling like an egg. To his credit, around three or four times he was able to escape, a great happened including a touchdown pass to Tyler Fromm (Jake’s brother). Other times that wasn’t the case. The receivers struggled and the run game couldn’t really get going. The reality is that game was all on his shoulders.

Moments like this can get into a young quarterbacks head and hinder their growth and development. If it keeps up, this kid is going to get obliterated. Auburn is one of those teams who just can’t get over the hump right now. They have players and good moments, but it hasn’t been enough to propel them to the next level. Bo Nix has NFL potential but needs to play somewhere else to get the best chance to be successful.

Where Could He Go?

He would have some options for sure. However, in some cases he would have to redshirt since some schools he could transfer to already have a starter through at least the 2022 season. He could compete for the job once those quarterbacks are gone and probably win it fairly easily. There is no question he has skills, he just needs to find a good fit for him. Below are some possible options:




Oklahoma (may have to wait a little)

Texas (Casey Thompson is they guy right now but he could beat out Hudson Card)

Georgia (depending on how long JT Daniels stays)


Texas Tech

Arizona State (may have to wait until Jayden Daniels leaves)



Ohio State (depends on how much they love CJ Stroud)

Michigan (probably has to wait for Cade McNamara to leave)

Penn State

USC (probably has to wait until Kedon Slovis leaves)

Notre Dame

North Carolina (if Sam Howell leaves)

Clemson (there is a pretty good chance he can beat out DJ Uiagalelei)

To be clear, I am not saying this is going to happen for sure. But as we know, anything can happen in college football. The one powerhouse destination that seems unlikely for Nix is Alabama. The chances of him leaving Auburn are probably slim. Regardless, this is a situation that should be monitored moving forward.

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