Bob Huggins Job Could Be in Jeopardy

Bob Huggins Job in Jeopardy
Photo Credit : Tom Bragg / WVSN

Bob Huggins job could be in some jeopardy after he referred to Xavier fans as “Catholic Fags who would throw rubber penises on the floor,” on 700 WLW’s Bill Cunningham’s show on Monday morning. He has since apologized for his actions and West Virginia has released a statement on the incident as well. Huggins was a former Cincinnati head coach, Akron head coach and Kansas State head coach. He missed the tournament with the bearcats two times in 16 years, going to the final four in 1991-92 and winning their regular season conference ten times and winning their conference tournament six times. Huggins went to the final four with the Mountaineers in 2010 in the Big East, but has not had much success past that with the Big 12 having elite tier teams. He also holds a 934-415 overall record which is a 69.2 winning percentage.

Why he could Lose his Job

Huggins is a proven winner as a head coach, bring the Bearcats to the final four in 1992 and the Mountaineers in 2010, but that does not excuse the actions he showcased on 700 WLW Bill Cunningham’s Cincinnati radio show. This could spark LGTBQ protests around West Virginia’s campus by Tuesday, dividing the campus instead of bringing them together if this had not happened. Thom Brennamen used the same exact slur that got him fired from the Cincinnati Reds. Don’t be surprised if this happens by early as Wednesday night. The situation is current under review per West Virginia athletics. I wouldn’t be shocked if Bob Huggins resigns as soon as Tuesday.

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