Bob Myers turned down NBA Jobs to work at ESPN

Bob Myers, recently the Golden State Warriors executive, is embarking on a new journey as an NBA Analyst at ESPN. Something that he was looking forward to doing.

During a media call he was asked his current role with ESPN was one he foresaw holding until retirement:

“I can’t say. The only conviction that I have is that I was done for now with what that job required. And what that will mean in two years, three years, I just honestly don’t know. I guess I’ve got to be okay not knowing. I don’t really need to know now. It might be harder as things are presented to me to make those decisions,” Myers said. “I’ve had some things presented and pretty easily said, ‘No thank you. I’m flattered but no thank you’.”

Losing Bob Myers might be the biggest loss for the Warriors heading into the 2023-24 season. He was an Icon in the Bay Area. He had built multiple championship-winning rosters around the nucleus of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Before that, he was a sports agent for guys like Brandon Roy, Kendrick Perkins and many others. He stepped down as the general manager on May 30.

“But I want to do this. I have three young kids. The Warriors thing, I’ve used this example before, it was like trying to hold on to the tail of a dragon. It was ton of fun, but a ton of work, and I admire any executive that can kind of keep it going for 20 years,” Myers continued. “I did 12, and I just felt like for me, I had to stop. I don’t have a great answer for, is that forever or not, but I know it’s not right now. So that’s kind of what I’m thinking.”

Myers led the Warriors to four NBA Championships in just over 10 years as the GM. He was a two-time NBA Executive of the Year (2015 and 2017). Bob Myers has been the host of the Lead by Example podcast, which was produced through Omaha Productions by ESPN. After full-time commitment to sports media, he will serve on NBA Countdown as well as an analyst in games.

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