Booker T Returns to Wrestling!

Booker T Returns To Wrestling Photo Credit: Reality of Wrestling

Booker T returns to wrestling for the first time in over two years. He appeared at the Reality of Wrestling show last night. The promotion is owned and operated by Booker T. This promotion has acted as a school for some up-and-coming wrestlers. Most notable among them is AEW’s Athena, who was known as Ember Moon in WWE. He started this promotion with his wife, Sharmell in 2005.

Booker T is a legendary wrestler whose career goes back to Global Force Wrestling in the 1980s. However, he came to national attention on WCW. Booker T and his brother Stevie Ray were the team known as Harlem Heat. Together, they became 10-time tag team champions.

Booker T was able to move on from the tag team division to become a five-time WCW champion. However, two of those reigns occur during WWE’s ownership of WCW before they discontinued the title. Booker T is the last person to win a WCW championship title on WCW programming. He won the world title on the last WCW Nitro.

He went to WWE with a host of other stars. There he struggled for a bit as everyone did as part of the alliance. He however rose his way through the ranks becoming Tag Champion again (3 times), later the Intercontinental Champion (once), and finally the United States Champion (3 Times).

However, he seemed to hit a glass ceiling when going for the world title. However, he rebranded his character in 2006 to that of King Booker. This character was a result of Booker T winning the 2006 King of the Ring. He strutted around acting like he was a king. With new momentum, he became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion on July 23rd, 2006

He left WWE not long after losing the title and went to TNA. However his run there was short and as he has said, disappointing. He returned to WWE in 2011 as a part-time wrestler and a regular commentator. At his age and with his duties in WWE and as a promoter, it is unlikely that is more than just a one-time event. Still, it is awesome to see Booker T in the squared circle one more time.

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