Fantasy Football: Boom Or Bust Week Three

Boom Or Bust Week Three, this week is a big week in fantasy football with a lot of big games. As which players will shine and which will fall in a week where a lot of guys could make a big jump, as they’re a lot of guys that have a lot to prove. I am going to give you 2 boom picks for this week and two bust picks.

Boom Picks – Boom Or Bust Week Three

1. Lamar Jackson

This week Lamar and the ravens are playing a struggling Lions team with a defense that has not been that great to start the year. As I know Lamar’s stats have been like they have been. Compared to his first couple of years in the league. To me expect Lamar to have a big week this week. As even though the Ravens beat the Chiefs last week. Lamar has something to prove as he hasn’t really lived up to his expectations compared to his first couple of years.

2. Saquon Barkley

Yes, I know this pick is questionable to a lot of people as Saquon has really struggled this year. As he has had a lot of injuries that have hurt him and his value in fantasy this year. But to me, the giants will let him loose against the falcons. Furthermore, I think for the first time this year Saquon will live up to his fantasy expectations.

Bust – Boom Or Bust Week Three

1. Baker Mayfield

Before I start I have nothing against Baker Mayfield as he is a great quarterback with a lot of talent. But he’s playing a bears defense today that is playing with a lot of confidence as they played phenomenal against the Bengals last week. Also, this Bears defense has a lot of talent and I think they will disrupt that brown’s offense.

2. Ja’Marr Chase

Chase has looked really good these first couple of weeks, but this Steelers defense is really good and can force a lot of turnovers. Furthermore, I would say to expect chase to have a down week this week as that Steeler’s defense is really good and can disrupt that Bengal’s offense.

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