Bray Wyatt And His WWE Status

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Bray Wyatt and his WWE status as of right now have not changed. However, there has been an update on his status within the WWE. After reports surfaced that he wasn’t listed internally on the roster. Wyatt returned to the company last year at the Extreme Rules premium live event with immense buzz. During his return, the firefly fun house came to life at the end of the live event. Wyatt returned after months of anticipation. His return was crafted expertly with QR codes and various clues along the way.

Momentum Cooled

As of late the WWE universe has drastically cooled off on Wyatt. Many speculate that’s because he has been out of action for undisclosed health reasons. It’s hard for fans to be invested in the character if he doesn’t appear on television. According to a new report from frightful select Wyatt and Uncle Howdy (Bo Dallas) are still a part of the WWE’s roster. Fightful noted that the roster report omitted him due to his undisclosed injury. Above all the 35 superstar still remains with the company.

Bray Wyatt Wants A Return

It’s been reported that Wyatt has been wanting a return to action. As of right now, there has been no update regarding his eventual return. However, during his absence, there was a report that WWE has hired a new writer for Wyatt. That report came from Hall of Famer Road Dogg. Given these points, this report has caused confusion. Road Dogg released this information on his podcast and stated that WWE officials said they will see how it unfolds moving forward. That was all the information given at this time. Internally this has created confusion because it seems that the report is not true.

The Initial Return Has Not Gone As Planned

So far Wyatt’s much-anticipated return has not gone as planned. For instance, Wyatt has only competed in one televised match since he returned last October. Important to realize that there may still be time to salvage his return and momentum. As stated earlier he competed in one match with Wyatt emerging victorious. He stated he was satisfied with the match during his press conference afterward. It will be interesting to see how the company plans to book the Eater of Worlds and Uncle Howdy when they eventually return.

Still Top Wrestler?

With Wyatt’s WWE status being confirmed and just injured he can still be one of the top wrestlers in the WWE. Wyatt has plenty of appealing backstories and feuds that WWE can use during his return. Therefore when Wyatt and Howdy return they can reunite with Alexa Bliss and continue to build on that storyline. As well as he has unfinished business with the tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Wyatt never received his rematch with Reigns after his alter ego the fiend lost in a triple threat match. The sky can be the limit in his WWE return. Only time will tell what the future will hold.

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