Bray Wyatt’s Place in Triple H’s New WWE

Bray Wyatt's return to WWE
credit: The Wrestling Observer September 7, 2022

Over a year ago Bray Wyatt was cut from the WWE roster. Since then there has been a bunch of speculation on if Wyatt would make a return or take his talent elsewhere. Especially after Vince McMahon retired from head of creative with the company. His son-in-law Paul Levesque (Triple H) was promoted to replace McMahon recently. Levesque is reportedly changing the storylines to a more realistic style creatively. Having everyone asking did Bray Wyatt’s future include returning to the WWE.

Released from WWE

Wyatt has been a WWE superstar for 12 years and is one of the most popular wrestlers. So when he was let go 18 months ago fans were shocked at the news. At the same time, you could see that the superstars’ characters had strayed more and more from reality into the supernatural. There were a bunch of special effects, making his performances less like a match and more like a sci-fi film. Maybe even a horror film plot. Which Wyatt has always had a darker side to him, but there was a huge difference between Wyatt’s family who debut in WWE, and the Fiend.

Wyatts WWE history of

He made his debut as a cult leader with Luke Harper and Eric Rowan as his followers. If I’m completely honest the first few years were my favorite. Even after the family split up it was still so believable. He either was very good at playing the part or he really was unstable, to say the least. Every time the lights went out and he popped up on the jumbo screen, you could feel the danger. The walk to the ring with the lantern was perfect whether the rocking chair was there 9r not it was perfection.

The later years became a lot less realistic and in my opinion, could never be sustainable. I’ll tell you why I feel this way. Every dark magic trick had to outdo the last.

Rumors and discussions have run wild lately. Most say that Bray Wyatt(s) over-the-top character wouldn’t be good in Triple H’s realistic creative direction. I agree if it was The Fiend coming back. On the other hand, if Wyatt returns to the cult-leading and charismatic guy who debut in WWE then I believe it’s a perfect fit.

Bray Wyatt return

Then it happened, at Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Wyatt made his return. Not only did he return but he held the signature lantern. As he looked into the Camara still with a mask on he removed it to show his face. This seems to be symbolic that he’s returning as the cult leader, getting in your head and then destroying you in the ring guy we wanted to see again. There’s been talk since that he will have followers again, but we will have to watch to find out who.

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