Breaking News: Eric Hosmer Traded to the Boston Red Sox

Eric Hosmer
Mark Brown – Getty Images

It has been a wild few days for the San Diego Padres and Boston Red Sox and once again they made headlines. After the Padres added first baseman Josh Bell in the Juan Soto deal earlier today they had to figure out what to do with current first baseman Eric Hosmer. After a few hours, the Boston Red Sox worked out a trade to claim Hosmer.

In 2018, the Padres signed Hosmer to an eight-year, $144 million deal, their biggest in franchise history. Through his first four seasons with the team, he has been a reliable defender and solid bat in the lineup. Over those four years, he had 497 hits, 269 RBIs, 61 homers and 159 walks.

He started 2022 very strong but since April has tapered off a lot. Through 90 games he only has 91 hits, 16 doubles, eight homers, 40 RBIs and a .272 batting average.

This is an important acquisition for the Red Sox. They are having to mostly rely on a struggling Bobby Dalbec at first base. Through 94 games Dalbec only has 53 hits, 10 homers, 29 RBIs and a .205 batting average. What hurts the most are his 93 strikeouts. That is quite a difference compared to Hosmer who only has 55. It will help them a lot to have a first baseman who can put the bat on the ball.

The Padres’ return for Hosmer is not known at the moment.

The Padres and Red Sox have been very active this trade season and they came together for an important deal to send Eric Hosmer to Boston. The Red Sox are fighting for one of the three American League Wild Card spots. Bringing on Hosmer who has tons of playoff experience could give them a bit of an edge over the other teams.

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