Breaking: Ronaldo to leave Manchester United

Just hours ago, Manchester United released a club statement quoting their superstar and club legend Cristiano Ronaldo will no longer be a part of their roster. The decision to part ways is mutual and will take effect immediately.

The end of the saga

Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United. Photo Credit: Marca

Around a week before the World Cup, Ronaldo dropped a bombshell on the club and its current and former players in an interview with Piers Morgan. Ronaldo threw shade at the club’s development plans, the coaches, and the legends like Wayne Rooney. He also directly criticized then teammates, such as Jadon Sancho, for their lack of willpower while displaying his dissatisfaction with Ten Hag. The interview occurred after months of Ronaldo being left on the bench and not getting playing time, which he blamed Ten Hag for.

Manchester United didn’t appeal to how CR7 threw the whole organization under the bus. The club held talks with the player and agent over this incident. A winter departure is inevitable. The only thing people didn’t expect was the timing of this press release, just days before Portugal plays their World Cup opener. But now, where should Ronaldo go?

Some possible destinations for Ronaldo

When the drama lit up, rumors about a Ronaldo move to Bayern Munich rested afloat. But Bayern’s board soon denied the story. Bayern is an excellent place for CR7 to continue his career, but Bayern wants to avoid taking on that hefty contract. 

A trip to London could end up saving his career, the Blue side of London, to be exact. Rumors about Todd Boehly wanting Ronaldo’s service were hot topics when Tuchel was sacked. What if the buzzes are true?

The unwanted goodbye

Ronaldo’s second stint at the club was far from his first. But it was nothing less of a miracle. His appearance at Old Trafford last season was the glimpse of hope the fans needed to hang on to. Although this is not a proper way to say farewell to a club’s legend, it is best for both sides to part ways. Don’t cry that it’s over smile because it happened!

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