BREAKING: Washington Nationals Game Suspended due to Shooting

Nationals Park
Andrew Harnik – AP Photo

Breaking News: The game on Saturday between the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres was suspended due to a shooting outside of the stadium.

Like so many teams on the Eastern half of the U.S., they were put into a game delay due to rain. This was not the case in our nations capital. With the Nationals coming up to bat in the sixth the game was halted when there were reports of a shooting.

The DC Police Department initially reported that four people have been shot outside of Nationals Park. After some investigation only three people were injured. New information indicates that people in two cars were involved in a shootout.

One of the victims was a fan and the other two were directly involved in the shootout. They are currently talking to those two victims.

Fans were kept inside the stadium for 10-15 minutes following the reports. Video that has surfaced has shown players from both sides frantically running into the stands and grabbing their families and taking them into the clubhouse.

Additionally based on many videos and comments from umpiring crew chief Mark Carlson the stadium was extremely chaotic.

Due to the severity of the incident the game was stopped altogether and moved to tomorrow, Sunday, July 18. The Padres will retain their 8-4 lead and the Nationals will be at the plate to begin the bottom of the sixth.

The game will resume at 1:05 p.m. EST. The originally scheduled Washington Nationals Sunday game against the San Diego Padres will begin 25-45 minutes after the completion of the first game.

Since this is a developing story more details will be released once they become available.

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