Britney Griner detained another 18 days

photo credit / Yahoo Sport Australia

It seems like a never ending story that will never obtain its “happily ever after”. Britney Griner was arrested February 17, by Russian officials at a Moscow airport. The US State Department has already declared Griner as being wrongfully detained and has called for her release from officials. She is facing 10 years in prisoner obtaining cartridges filled with cannabis illegally in her luggage. This makes the second time the Phoenix Mercury star ‘s pre-trial to be extended. Sources are stating that Russia has reportedly offered a deal to release Griner in exchange for a notorious arms trafficker, Victor Bout.

US State Department did meet with The Phoenix Mercury ball club for more information they may have latest and greatest Griner. They say she is isolated and is able to communicate through email. At this present time, Britney is being held another 18 days due to representatives of the Khimki Court of the Moscow Region, stating that there is more information motion needed for the “investigation”. US State Department and spokes person, Ned Price said they have made it clear to Russian officials that Griner has been wrongfully detained and should not be detained “for a single day longer”. Not only are the US State Department doing all they can for Griner’s release, but her teammate, Diana Taurasi is pleading for release as well. She has amplified the league and everyone who cares for justice for Griner, to keep her name in the forefront.

Both men and women leagues have raised huge awareness on the release of Britney Griner. In the past, there would be many professional athletes that would travel over seas to play, mainly WNBA players. Griner was one that traveled to Russia on many occasions to play for the EuroLeague Team UMMC Ekatering, on her off-seasons. However, the uncertainty of her fate has gotten troubling. Her agent, Lindsay Coles said she is in close contact with Griner. She has had no further comments after that. The US Embassy in Russia has been silent as well. The only latest update is that the WNBA star will remain detained until at least July 2.

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