Brody King Attacks Darby Allin!

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Brody King Attacks Darby Allin at an Autograph Signing in Seattle. Brody King put Darby Allin through a table in a clip that was recorded by a fan. This incident is meant to help kick off a feud between Darby Allin and Brody King.

This wasn’t their first recent encounter. The Royal Rampage Battle Royal was set to determine the number one contender. The winner faced Jon Moxley last Wednesday on Dynamite. Darby Allin and Brody King were the last two left in the match when Brody put a sleeper on Allin and tossed him from the ring. Brody King was not successful in his match against Jon Moxley.


Darby Allin hasn’t had much of a feud since a battle against CM Punk last year. Once upon a time, he was the TNT Champion and one of the hottest wrestlers in AEW. But lately, he’s floated from one match to another. He faced Jeff Hardy in a ladder match that featured insane spots even for wrestling. If there had been a feud planned, that was largely gone due to Jeff Hardy’s arrest. Darby Allin really needs a story to go within this writer’s opinion.

Brody King joined AEW in January of this very year. He has not had a feud to speak of at all. This is one of his first profile angles that he’ll be involved in with the company. His time in AEW has mostly seen him involved in trios matches. The majority of trios matches are filler with very little effort for actual storytelling. Only those involving the Young Bucks or the Blackpool Combat Club seem to be anything more than just that. So a singles feud would be a huge step up for him.

We will have to see where they go with this. Hopefully, it’s something more for these two than just passing the time on random matches.

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