Bronny James Lights Out In McDonald’s All-American Game

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Basketball superstar LeBron James‘ son, Bronny James, has once again lit up the court with an impressive performance at the McDonald’s All-American Game. Despite being the only non-committed player on the court, Bronny proved himself as a top prospect.

As basketball runs in the family, it’s no surprise James demonstrated remarkable skills and talent during the McDonald’s All-American Game. The 6-foot-3 guard finished with 15 points in a narrow loss to the East team, 109-106.

All of the young James’ points came from beyond the arc, showcasing one of the few skills his father hadn’t mastered by that age. Coupled with the athleticism he showed in the dunk contest, Bronny seems to have a bright future. It is unclear where Bronny James will attend college and continue his basketball career, but many colleges are keeping a close eye on this promising young star.

Bronny’s Recruiting status

As of now, Bronny James’ recruiting status remains unclear. Details of his recruiting have been under wraps, which is unsurprising given his celebrity status. However, given his impressive performance at the McDonald’s All-American Game and his undeniable talent on the court, it is likely that he will have plenty of college offers and opportunities to choose from in the near future. LeBron Sr. has even stated his eldest son is better than some NBA players right now.

James has grown up under a microscope due to his famous father and now, as he begins to make a name for himself in the basketball world. On3 estimates James could earn $7.2 million in NIL (stands for Name, Image and Likeness) deals alone before signing his letter of intent. This figure demonstrates Bronny James’s value, not just as a basketball player but also as a brand. Certainly, this will play into his recruiting process as the talented athlete chooses a college and program that will offer him opportunities both on and off the court. On3 lists James as a five-star recruit while others list him as a four-star recruit. All agree he a top-40 high school prospect in the country.

Bronny’s Top Schools

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His dad has stated Ohio State, USC, and Oregon as potential options, but Bronny’s recruitment status and preferences are yet to be confirmed. These three schools all make sense for both on-court and off-court reasons.

Ohio State is a Big Ten powerhouse with a rich basketball tradition and an excellent coaching staff. The young James, like his father, was born in Ohio and their connections to the school run deep, which makes it a likely option for James to consider. Sr. stated he would have attended the school himself had he not opted to go straight to the NBA after high school.

USC has been an appealing option for James given its location. The James family has a home in Los Angeles and it seems that USC is being considered as an attractive option due to its proximity to his family. Not to mention LeBron plays for the Lakers. Five-star point guard Isaiah Collier has committed to the Trojans. This could be a factor in James’ decision-making process. The two were teammates in the All-American Game.

Being near the Nike Campus, Oregon could also be a potential landing spot for James as Nike has been instrumental in promoting his father’s career. Nike’s strong presence in Oregon could provide lucrative endorsement deals for the younger James. Regardless of his ultimate decision, there is no doubt that Bronny James’ talent and marketability will continue to generate interest from top college programs nationwide. Not to mention, the founder of Nike is an alum of Oregon. He’s the biggest donor for the athletics program and was sitting next to the family when LeBron broke the all-time NBA scoring record.

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