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Bryce Young expected to be the first pick in the NFL Draft

AP Photo/Butch Dill

Bryce Young is expected to be the first pick of the 2023 NFL Draft despite some speculation of other quarterbacks throughout the draft process.

First pick ramifications

Every year, the team with the first pick in the draft is under the largest microscope. When drafting in the first round, every team’s goal is to take someone who will earn a second contract on the team. In other words, you want a guy who will be an impact player for many years on your team.

The first pick comes with a ton of pressure. The team with the first choice has a decision amongst every player in the draft. This is the privilege the Carolina Panthers have earned by trading up to the No. 1 selection.

The Panthers have been riddled with quarterback problems for multiple years now. They hope Young can be someone who develops into a star franchise quarterback.

Young as a draft prospect

Many critics mentioned his size throughout the draft process, as he stands 5-foot-10, 204 pounds. His size has been the main focus primarily because he doesn’t have many other weaknesses. He’s got elite arm talent, poise and athleticism in the pocket, as well as displaying high IQ in a pro-style offense at Alabama.

Young has all the tools to be successful, but we haven’t seen a lot of small quarterbacks given the opportunity. Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson are two poster children for the smaller-sized quarterback fraternity. They’re both coming off bad years, but they’ve proven the ability to succeed and win in the NFL. If Young’s projection is accurate, he’ll be just fine.

The first name called will more than likely be the Alabama quarterback, Thursday night.

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