Cam Newton Looks for New Spot

Cam Newton is a Patriot no longer. The former NFL MVP had a 66% completion rate last year with 8 passing TD’s and 10 INT’s. The team went 7-8 with Newton in the backfield, as Cam added 12 rushing TD’s and almost 600 yards running the football. Nothing like the player he used to be, Cam still put together a productive season for a decent team. Now, he’ll be looking for a new place to continue his career.

If money isn’t a big deal for Newton, the type of teams who should be interested are teams who think they have a chance to win something this year but don’t really have a locked in backup quarterback. Teams with young quarterbacks or with decent backups really should have no need to bring in a veteran backup quarterback this close to the start of the season. But teams looking for some kind of insurance policy if their starter gets injured could view Newton as someone who would at least give them a fighting chance to keep winning. Here’s a short list of the most likely possibilities.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are looking at a Super Bowl run this year, and Lamar Jackson is electrifying. But Baltimore really has no significant backup plan. While Newton can longer do what Jackson does, Cam will still fit in perfectly with the style of offense the Ravens play. It would at least give Baltimore a chance to compete if Jackson were absent.

Kansas City Chiefs

In all honesty, Newton is not as good a fit for the Chiefs. But K.C.’s backup is Chad Henne, who has thrown 45 regular season passes in the past 4 years. Certainly a veteran, but how comfortable are Andy Reid and Eric Bienemy with Henne? If Patrick Mahomes goes down, it will at least be worth thinking about having Cam Newton as the next man up.

Seattle Seahawks

Rinse, wash, repeat. The Seahawks have a good team and a firmly entrenched star with Russell Wilson, but the backups are Geno Smith and Sean Mannion. Not horrible, but how better would it feel to have Cam Newton trotting onto the field in an important game, possibly even the playoffs?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers nation doesn’t even want to consider life without Tom Brady. But should the unthinkable occur, Blaine Gabbert is the main backup. If Cam Newton is healthy and ready to go, he would be the better option.

Dallas & Washington

Here’s where the list gets interesting. Neither the Cowboys nor the Washington Football Team are significant Super Bowl favorites, but both of them have a good chance at winning the division. And neither of them have any bright hope at backup quarterback. Bringing in Cam Newton would be exciting, but, much more importantly, the move would upgrade QB2 for either team. Depending how the season played out, the transaction could conceivably even determine the winner of the NFC East.


Newton could have as many as twenty different possible destinations. But the Ravens seem to be the best fit, with Dallas and Washington close behind.

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