Camavinga: Stagnated Development

In football, progression isn’t always linear. Teams, attacking/midfield trios, and players usually don’t go on to develop at the speed in which we imagined them to. For youngsters, it’s much more difficult to predict unless it’s glaringly obvious that they’d go be one of the world’s best (Neymar, Messi, Mbappe). This season, Eduardo Camavinga’s development has stagnated. He has received more game time but hasn’t performed to the level expected of him. This article will give reasons for his stagnated development and explain why he should be given more time before he’s deemed not good enough.

The most difficult position to master

Image Credit: Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid

“If you have control of the midfield, you have control of the game, and you have more chances to win.”

Xabi Alonso

Camavinga’s teammate, Luka Modric, has aged gracefully and is having outstanding seasons in the latter stage of his career. This doesn’t mean that he was average when he was younger. This simply means that he’s using his experience and knowledge of the game to his advantage instead of relying solely on his physicality.

Camavinga is very versatile. He can play as a CDM, CM, and even further up the pitch as an advanced eight. I view him as an advanced eight. His off-the-ball movement and decision-making in the final third are the reasons why I think he should be deployed there. Nevertheless, Camavinga only wants to play games and help his team to win football matches. 

It takes midfielders longer to get used to their position as everything runs through them. They start attacks and they’re entrusted with huge defensive responsibilities. He should be given time to grow as a player while maintaining high expectations as he’s playing for the biggest club in the world.

The talent is evident

Coming on against three of Europe’s best teams in Champions League knockout ties and changing the dynamic of the match is an impressive feat. Many underplay it as he came off of the bench, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Getting a feel for a league match after coming off the bench is difficult. Farless for a UCL knockout tie when your team is losing the midfield battle and is on the verge of exiting the competition.

The article below analyzes his performances in those knockout ties in depth.

Don’t forget that the Frenchman was named man of the match at 16 years of age against PSG and is considered by many one of France’s most talented youngsters. He also scored his first senior international goal at 17 and became the second youngest French scorer after Maurice Gastiger. 

One way to improve

Image Credit: REX

It’s fair to say that the youngster gets most of his game time off the bench. In fact, last season he started 13 games in La Liga and was subbed on the exact amount of times. It’s no guarantee that if you start games you’ll automatically improve. However, you’d gain more experience and exposure at the highest level. This allows youngsters to build muscle memory of what to do in certain situations which is a big part of player development.


In conclusion, Camavinga’s development has stagnated due to several reasons. He hasn’t started many games, nor has he maintained one position. However, the talent is evident and he’ll undeniably come good. Hopefully, he improves and is given more game time as the season goes on.

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