Celtic Pride Reigns in Game 3

Boston Celtic fans blow the roof off the TD Garden Arena for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. The significant key for the Celtic going into this game, was the team looking for their captain Jayson Tatum to take charge and that the outcome is a better result than Game 2. If you’re the Warriors, you’re looking for Klay Thompson to have an exceptional night.

At Tip – Off

Boston’s crowd is growling every time the balls is in Steph Curry’s or Draymond Green’s hand. Boston comes right out the gates full throttle with leading the way, Jalen Brown. Brown was already in double figures giving the Celtics 15 – 9 lead. Al Horford contributes with a huge basket after Marcus Smart misses 2 free throws. Jalen Brown comes capitalizing at both ends of the court. Warriors would answer back with follow up baskets from Curry, but not enough to contain the Celtics who began to dominate the 1st quarter. Al Horford takes command with a stuff from a Warrior turnover. Warrior Coach Steve Kerr calls for a time out to allow Boston some cool off time. Celtic are shooting 10-15 from the field. Jalen Brown ends the quarter with 17 points, 3-4 from the 3pt, 4 rebounds, 3 assists.

The start of the 2nd quarter, sideline reporter, Lisa Salters asked Steve Kerr what is the plan going into this quarter. He states the Celtics came right out at them unexpectedly. He continued , “Jalen Brown’s performance was big in the quarter and they have to do better and plug into defense on them.” Boston remained aggressive into the quarter. Draymond Green and Grant Williams go head to head in confrontation, similar to their scuffle in Game 2. Celtics Robert Williams, one of the elite shot blockers in the league, goes strong for Boston’s defense. This in turns allow Jayson Tatum to take charge and give the Celtic their biggest lead of the game at 17. (56-39) Points in the paint came to the Celtic’s advantage at 24-10. Steph Curry, surprisingly gets hit with 3 personal fouls before halftime. Jalen Brown has huge 1st half with 22 points, Celtics are shooting 59% from the field. (score 68-56)

Warriors fight

Curry comes out with a dagger from downtown in the opening of the 3rd. He finds his “special groove” in back to back possessions and brings Golden State back within 8 points. it doesn’t take the Celtics long to answer back on the other end of the court, as Jalen Brown continues his streak with 24 points. Curry remains in the game despite his 4 personal fouls, 22 points, eight of those in the 3rd. He also nails a 3 pointer along with a foul for a 4-point play. then the foul is ruled a flagrant from Al Horford. Warriors will have possession after the free throws and cut the lead to 5. Curry ignites and drops another avalanche of 3’s allowing the Warriors to take the lead first time in the game.

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Celtics take it home

Celtic’s Coach Ime Udoka says they have to protect the 3 point line when it comes to the Warriors and pick up their physicality against Steph Curry. Celtics never let up on their momentum. Tatum, Brown, Smart, and Horford all go on scoring drives. Boston’s fans goes on a frenzy as Draymond Green is fouled out. Warriors never gain composure and the Celtics lead is now a 14 point lead. Curry goes out with a possible ankle injury. Celtics take Game 3, 116-100 final. The Splash brothers (Curry 31 pts, Thompson 25 pts) for the night. A huge night for Boston’s starters, Tatum 26 pts, Brown 27pts, Smart 24 pts, and Horford 11 pts. Next upcoming scheduled Game 4 for Friday at 8pm.

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