Chandler Jones Wants Out of AZ

Chandler Jones has had enough of Arizona. According to ESPNs Jeremy Fowler, Chandler Jones is no longer satisfied with his contract. Additionally, he does not feel good about his future with the team. The Cardinals do not want to trade him, and they expect him to report to camp. With the Cardinals drafting linebackers in the last two first rounds and moving to younger personnel on defense, Jones seems to see the writing on the wall.

Who Could Take Him?

Chandler Jones has been productive but succumbed to injury in 2020. Look for teams like the Falcons, Lions, Niners, Panthers, Broncos, Giants, Vikings, Bears, and Seahawks to have some interest in him. All of those teams have struggled on defense lately, and could really use a player like Jones. We will follow the situation and provide more information when it is available.

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  1. As a Seahawks fan, that would certainly be an interesting addition to the defense!

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