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The Chicago Bears have plans to start Andy Dalton in Week 1 since they draft Justin Fields. The question is, what makes a good starter? Is it years or talent? The Bears seem like they are prioritizing years of experience over talent. That is not a bad idea because many great quarterbacks starting in the NFL now have seats behind great quarterbacks. The thing with that is the quarterbacks must be great and Andy Dalton is not that. 

Dalton has played 9 years on the Bengals and 1 year on the Cowboys and now is on the Chicago Bears. Dalton’s stats on the Bengals were average with a 62.0 completion percentage and throwing for 204 touchdowns in 133 games. In the 133 games, Dalton is 70 and 62. Dalton has gone to 4 straight postseasons but lost the first round and had thrown only 1 touchdown. That does not seem like a good enough quarterback to show Justin Fields how to win. 

Chicago Bears on Fields

Justin Fields may be a rookie this year, but his college stats show that he has the talent to be a great quarterback. While at Ohio State University, Fields went 20-2, went to the college football playoffs both years there, and was a Heisman Trophy finalist in 2019. He threw for 41 touchdowns in 14 games in 2019 and 21 touchdowns in 2018 in 8 games. With that, he also threw for 5373 yards and had a completion percentage of 68.4. Fields brings speed to the Bears as he runs a 4.33 in the 40 yard dash, the fastest time from the 2020 Ohio State roster.

Justin Fields does not have much experience, but he will not get that experience he needs while sitting behind Andy Dalton. The Bears need to have a quarterback who could win and not just have a defense that does everything. Justin Fields is that guy for the Bears. He has speed and accuracy and if he can show it on the field during preseason, Fields should start week 1.

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