Earlier this year, I wrote a piece about whether or not the Bears should be taken seriously. In essence, I did not think so at the time, but fans have been defending Chicago since Fields’ latest performances have warranted hope. The NFC North is shifting in its power dynamic, Minnesota sits atop the division and the Packers are flustered, to say the least. Additionally, Justin Fields has been playing like his old college self recently, just at the professional level. But don’t get too excited, the Chicago Bears still look bad.

Chicago Bears Still Look Bad
Bears quarterback Justin Fields runs the ball during the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field. Photo Credits: Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

In regards to Fields making highlight reels for himself, look no further, as his running ability was on full display this past weekend:

Bears Looked Bad on Sunday

However, while Fields was able to carry the team forward with his legs, he held them back with his arm. One of his old college teammates, Jeff Okudah, snatched a pick-six against the former Buckeye’s quarterback. When asked about it, Fields vowed to never make that mistake again. Realistically speaking, it is highly unlikely he can go a whole career without throwing another pick-six. But at least the confidence is there.

Additionally, this piece is about the Chicago Bears as a whole, yet I have only mentioned its franchise quarterback for the most part. Well, it’s time for the defense to come under scrutiny. They were the unit that ultimately surrendered to the Jared Goff-led Lions, who mounted a comeback victory late in the match. However, perhaps management and coaching share more blame than the players on the field, seeing that they were the ones who traded away Roquan Smith to the Baltimore Ravens. Clearly, that move signaled the organization’s forfeit to be a formidable foe to opposing offenses. The statement made previously was evident by their inability to halt the 2-6 Detroit Lions from a victory.

When Will the Chicago Bears Look Good Again?

That’s the question fans around the league ask themselves every day. There’s no doubt about it, Justin Fields can be a franchise quarterback. The only concern there is his longevity, should he find himself on the receiving end of a knock-out blow due to his running capabilities. However, management has tried to place pieces around him, but nothing has happened yet. Chase Claypool still needs time to learn the playbook, and N’keal Harry has yet to return from injury. It’s more than likely that they will need more reinforcements on the offensive side of the field. Additionally, their defense has regressed steadily since Khalil Mack was shipped to Los Angeles. With Roquan Smith gone, the defense is without a leader or an identity. Last, but certainly not least, the coaching regime may be in for a change of scenery, as they have had no answers to help either unit so far.

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