Chicago Sky’s the Limit

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A sell out crowd in the Gateway Arena in Atlanta this evening on this Friday night. Fans are looking for another steal of a win from their team. Spectators are already making claims on what the Dream needs to do to get a successful win against the defending champions Candace Parker and the Chicago Sky. Many say the Dream needs to stay physical in the paint to get pass the aggressive offense of the Sky. Chicago has players that already have a height advantage over Atlanta’s starters. This was displayed in the first minutes of the start of the game. As fans witnessed that the Chicago Sky’s the limit!

Chicago Sky shows why they are champs

Chicago Sky’s guard Courtney Vandersloot came out explosive with a couple of shots after the tip off. This will will be her 11th year in the league and has played a total of 334 games in her career. Sky took off with being 7-12 from the field and 8/8 from the free throw line. Sky represented going to the line religiously. This in turn brought the Sky’s to a 20 point lead and the Dreams remained at a single digit score as the Sky’s took off with the leadership of WNBA MVP Champ – Kahleah Copper. The Sky’s remained aggressive on the glass as well as taking charge defensively. Sky scored 11 points on their last 14 possessions. At this moment, things were looking grim for the Atlanta Dreams and their fans stricken in silence.

Dreams are awaken in the 2nd quarter

Dreams gain their momentum and comes out with a 8-0 run in the 2nd quarter. Dreams guard Erica Wheeler came out with back to back 3 pointers to show that the offense of Atlanta was breathing life again. Kia Vaughn, Dreams strong center, was the key defense for the team in the quarter. Another great factor for Atlanta was Monique Billings who also brought fierce momentum to bring the team back to a single digit lead. The Atlanta Dream and Chicago Sky score at halftime was 39-31. Rhyne Howard was quiet this game contributing 5 points in the entire game. Atlanta’s plan was to shut Candace Parker down by attacking her in the paint. This resulted in her only making 9 points in the game. Cheyenne Parker, Dreams star forward was asked last game by Head Coach Wright that the player needs to find her groove for the team. That’s exactly what she did by racking up 19 points becoming the team’s highest scorer this evening. The awesome play of the night was when Dreams guard Erica Wheeler through up a shot from half court going into the 3rd quarter with 2 ticks on the shot clock and nails it! The crowd totally lost it in the arena. Dreams were 50% from the field in the 4th quarter. Wheeler gives the Dreams their first lead 60-58 with 7 minutes in the 4th quarter.

Sky’s redeemed as the champs they are

Sky’s Rebecca Gardner was like a nagging fly to the Dreams playing both ends of the court creating havoc toward the Dreams’ hopes of pulling off a win. She played a total of 28 minutes in the game. But pressure was put on Atlanta from Sky’s Kahleah Copper who ceased her moment and carried her team to a victory over the Dreams on Atlanta ‘s home court in front of their sell out crowd. (73 – 65 win) Atlanta’s next game will be against the Indiana Fever in Atlanta, Sunday June 5 @ 2pm. Fever’s star guard is Kelsey Mitchell who was named WNBA Eastern Conference player of the week averaging 19.4 points.

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