Chris Paul is OUT!

Chris Paul was unstoppable in game four against the Nuggets. He dominated the midrange with perfection. He scored 37 points to help the Suns sweep the Nuggets and reach their first Western Conference Finals since 2010. 

But now Chris Paul is out… Indefinitely. No, it isn’t because of the shoulder he hurt against the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round. 

Chris Paul has reportedly entered the NBA’s health and safety protocols because of COVID.

It’s unclear exactly why Paul has entered the safety protocol, but it’s most likely because he isn’t vaccinated and was out around people or someone who has tested positive.

There’s no evidence of Paul not being vaccinated, but in the past, when asked if he was getting the vaccine, Paul responded with, “It’s a personal decision”.

The positive on this is since the Suns have already advanced, some of

the time he has to stay away from the team can be spent watching the Nuggets and the Clippers battle it out.

Even with the Clippers and Nuggets series still being played, Paul’s availability for the Western Conference finals is still in jeopardy.

There is no set schedule for the conference finals. If a Game 7 is needed in the Jazz vs Clippers series, which is tied 2-2, it will be played on Sunday.

The Suns appeared to be the team to beat in the west. The team seemed destined to make it to the finals and possibly win. But if Chris Paul is out for the Western Conference Finals, the Suns chances shrink, drastically.

It’s always been said Chris Paul is one of the best or even the best leader in the NBA. But Paul, even with good teams in the past, has never been able to make it to the NBA Finals.

There seems to be a constant failure in the playoffs, in his historic career. Will this be another one? Or will Chris Paul return in time to help his Phoenix Suns advance to their first NBA Finals since 1993?

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