Claudio Becomes ROH World Champion!

Claudio Becomes ROH World Champion Photo Credit: AEW

Claudio Becomes ROH World Champion beating Jonathon Grisham. The Ring of Honor World Championship is finally in Claudio’s hands. Over twenty years in the business, and he claims his first world title.

Claudio faced Grisham at Death Before Dishonor yesterday. For Claudio, he had recently left WWE, and competed at AEW Forbidden Door. He eleven years in WWE, facing world champions but never becoming world champions. His match last year against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash was one of the best matches of the year.

Claudio brings much respect to the game. Not only has he worked for WWE, but also Pro Wrestling NOAH, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Ring of Honor, Combat Zone, and numerous other promotions. His entire career is a history of wrestling for the last twenty years. I believe he is the man they need as champion right now. A true world star to hold the title.

One can’t be certain what is next for Jonathan Grisham. He’s a fine enough wrestler, but he is not a stand-out. In the last year, the star power of AEW has grown tremendously. I don’t believe he can stand out among this crowd of talent. He’ll probably fall by the wayside until his contract expires.

Claudio on the other hand will add prestige to the Ring of Honor Championship. With his star power, one should expect the Ring of Honor Title to be featured far more often on AEW. There are already some statements that might be defended at All Out. Claudio can help make the ROH title shine in the crowded field of title belts in AEW.

Should AEW debut a Ring of Honor show, Claudio will likely be the star of it. They don’t really have anyone else in ROH other than FTR that stands out. Congratulations Claudio!

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