Cleveland Browns And NFL Legend Jim Brown Dies

Jim Brown
Photo credit: Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns and NFL legend Jim Brown has died. The Hall-Of-Famer died Thursday night in his Los Angles home. His family reported his passing and said he was at peace when he did pass. Brown was a husband, father, and grandfather. He was 87 years old when he passed.

Legend Of Jim Brown

Brown played for nine NFL seasons all of which were with the Browns—dominated in the NFL for the entirety of his professional career. Brown would go on and change the way the game was being played. Of his nine NFL seasons, he led the NFL in rushing out of eight seasons. As well as Brown was one of six players to win three NFL MVPs. He is arguably the greatest football player of all time. Brown would retire from football in a shocking turn of events after then Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell fined Brown for missing the start of the NFL training camp. It is essential to realize Brown would miss camp because he was in a movie where production ran late. At only 29 Brown called his career quits.

Social Activism

In the 1950s when the modern-day civil rights movement gained momentum. It was Brown and a few other black athletes that spoke out on racial issues. Brown wasn’t just all talk he also put forth action and work. For instance, he founded the black economic union to help create jobs in poor neighborhoods in Cleveland. In fact, it facilitated loans to black businessmen in poor areas in Cleveland. Above all, Brown engineered one of the greatest social activist moments for professional athletes. He invited other black athletes to Cleveland in support of Muhammad Ali. Ali was stripped of his boxing titles for not going to war. That moment was later called the Ali Summit.

Legacy Of Jim Brown

Brown was a Hall-Of-Fame football player, social activist, and actor. He dominated the field and made a massive impact off the field. Brown as well as inspired a generation of professional black athletes. He used his voice and platform to speak out on change and to make a difference. After dominating during his NFL career he is known for leaving the game on his own terms. He quite possibly still had plenty in the tank at the age of his retirement. Finally, in the words of LeBron James, “If you grew up in Northeast Ohio and were black, Jim Brown was a God. Quite frankly Jim Brown is the greatest Cleveland Brown of all time.”

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