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Cleveland Browns
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On paper the Cleveland Browns have a talented roster that should compete for a Super Bowl. There are still holes that need to be filled to maximize their full potential. With the signing of Deshaun Watson the window for competing for a Super Bowl is wide open. There are various players still available that can make an impact.

Akeim Hicks

All-Pro and Pro-Bowler Akeim Hicks is first on the list. Without a doubt he would be a massive help and his guidance would be beneficial for a relatively young defensive line. Without the addition of Hicks Sheldon Day at age 27 would be the oldest in the room. Everyone else is 24 years of age or younger. Browns have high hopes for rookie standout Perrion Winfrey. He sure passes the eye test but without pads on you just do not know. Akeim Hicks has experience playing defense at a very high level. That along would push the entire defense to that next level.

Ndamkuong Suh

I know at this point Suh would be more of name value on the team. First and foremost for the support of signing Suh he has spectacular star power. That paired with his experience and the fact he is a veteran would do wonders for this team. With a signing of this magnitude it would show the Cleveland Browns are all in to compete and win a super bowl now rather than later.

Joe Haden

A signing and bringing back of Joe Haden would be more nostalgia then anything else. A family reunion that would go over well for Cleveland Browns fans. During his time here a fan favorite and played at a very high level. At the start of the 2023 season in no way will Haden be that of old Browns days in his prime. What he offers is how smart he is while playing. During his time with the rival Pittsburgh Steelers he was revered for his knowledge of the game and being in the right places to make an impact for them. He could very well do the same for the Browns still to this day. Joe would immediately come in and compete for time at slot corner. He could very well help push the likes of Greg Newsome and rookie Martin Emerson.

Will Fuller

A signing of Will Fuller would go a long way in helping new Browns starting Quarterback Deshaun Watson. While the two were in Houston they had a connection second to none. A true speedster. Will Fuller would do wonders for a Browns offense that struggled to connect on deep passes last season. The addition of Fuller would open the playbook up tremendously for Kevin Stefanski and the entire offense. The various ways in which he could be used are limitless, the mere threat of his speed combined with Watson throwing the ball would put this offense in the top 5-10 offenses in the league. If I were Andrew Berry I would pickup the phone to contact Will Fuller to bring him in now.


The names given here may not all be on the Browns radar. Some more realistic than others. With only 1 more roster spot being available whomever the Browns bring in will tell us how all in the team is.

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