CM Punk Out with an injury!

CM Punk Out with an Injury! Photo Credit: AEW

CM Punk Out with an injury! CM Punk appears to have likely injured his foot on Dynamite. This injury comes just a few days after CM Punk beat Adam Page for the AEW World Championship. It was initially thought that CM Punk was going to vacate the championship. However, it appears now that Tony Khan wants him to remain champion.

However, it will be a while before CM Punk can return. He has to have surgery. CM Punk explained in a promo on AEW Rampage that he will be back. Teary-eyed, he said he still wants to give the fans one hell of a run. We don’t know how long CM Punk will be out. Hopefully not for very long.

There was some confusion at first. Chris Jericho said on commentary that CM Punk was going to relinquish the title. However, AEW corrected itself at the end of the broadcast.

AEW has responded by announcing that there will be a battle royal to determine a number one contender. This individual will face Jon Moxley for the Interim AEW World Championship at Forbidden Door. It makes sense to have Moxley stand in as a potential champion. Jon Moxley is a former AEW champion, whose title run was damaged by COVID. He was champion during a time when there weren’t fans in attendance due to lockdown.

AEW has done the Interim Champion gimmick before. When Cody Rhodes was out with COVID, Sammy Guevara won the Interim TNT championship from Dustin Rhodes. Cody and Sammy later wrestled and Sammy won the title overall, unifying them again.

There is a lot of speculation about who could win that Battle Royal and face Jon Moxley at Forbidden Door. Adam Page, former AEW World Champion who only just lost the title could be one of them. Some fans think that Kenny Omega will make a surprise appearance and win the battle royal. There is also Miro who recently returned and Bryan Danielson.

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