CM Punk Returns to Wrestling!

CM Punk
Photo Credit: WWE

Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. After 7 long years, CM Punks returns to professional wrestling once again. Since falling out with the WWE in 2014, wrestling fans have been screaming for his return to the ring. After a very long wait, Phillip Brooks is back in action, but not how many wrestling fans expected. On August 20, 2021 (today), CM Punk made his debut for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), not the WWE.

Why Is CM Punk’s Return Important?

For decades, there’s only been one large wrestling corporation, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). WWE CEO, Vince McMahon created a monopoly in the wrestling industry, where the only ones that prospered in this industry were the WWE. Even the Mexican wrestling company, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, isn’t able to compete with McMahon’s monopoly.

Despite this, the WWE’s time at the top seems to be closing with the retirement of many of their superstars. This time could be close as the AEW is on the rise. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was founded in 2019 to provide competitiveness in the wrestling industry. With the arrival of wrestling superstar CM Punk, many people will have their eyes on the AEW, especially old wrestling fans like me.

Nevertheless, the AEW crowd in CM Punk’s hometown, Chicago, went wild to see their local superstar return. ‘The Best in the World’ had a few words to say in his return to the ring.

“I didn’t plan on what I was gonna say because I didn’t know what to say. Because I didn’t know how I was gonna feel, but I knew that I needed to feel it…I feel you Chicago”

– CM Punk, All Elite Wrestling

Phillip Brooks has certainly had an impact on the wrestling industry as he was one of the few to speak up to Vince McMahon. Nevertheless, his persona led him to walk out of the WWE, where he’s claimed it to be the best decision of his life. To finish things off, CM Punk left a little message directed towards Vince McMahon and the WWE.

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