Cody Bellinger Has Returned to His True Form

Cody Bellinger is having a great 2023 season after several lackluster years. After being let go by the Dodgers in the offseason, the former RoY and MVP took his talents to the Cubs on a one-year deal. This contract was safe for Bellinger as a prove-it year for this coming free agency. So far, he has called his shot as Cody Bellinger has returned to his elite form.

Cody Bellinger Has Returned
Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman/USA Today Sports

Cody Bellinger Has Returned to an Elite Player.

In 2023, Cody Bellinger is batting .301/.358/.524 with a .882 OPS. He currently has 12 home runs and only 35 runs batted in. However, his strikeout rate is down to 17.7% and carries a .376 WOBA. And of course, his fielding abilities have remained elite even in his down years. 

Bellinger displayed his power stroke in Saturday’s win over the Red Sox, where he blasted a grand slam. 
The Cubs are not in contention this season to make the playoffs and Bellinger is only on a one-year deal. With this being said, it’s safe to believe that Bellinger is one of the largest trade pieces on the table this deadline. There are several teams that need an elite outfielder, one of these teams being the Yankees. 

Other teams in a playoff hunt and looking for additions include: the Reds, Orioles, and the Giants. The Cubs certainly know they can get a solid return on a Bellinger rental. The question is: What team will land him?

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