Colts Urge NFL to Investigate Commanders, Andrew Luck Link

Commanders Andrew Luck
Michael Conroy/Associated Press

The Washington Commanders’ quarterback situation is in a state of disarray, in fact, it’s been for years. It’s a near perfect reflection of the state of the franchise, though their QBs are often less controversial. However, even with new ownership on the horizon, they can’t help but to embroil themselves in another controversy. According to reports, the Commanders contacted Andrew Luck to see if he would come out of retirement. Problem is, if he were to do that, the Indianapolis Colts still have his contract rights. And since they have that, the act of reaching out to Luck is illegal in and of itself. Now, the Colts are pursuing legal action.

The reports aren’t enough to convict the Commanders, but they were enough to get the Colts’ attention. According to the Washington Post, the Colts want to know if the Commanders made “improper contact” with the former star QB. They also do “not want the situation to be dismissed without being properly investigated.” Colts’ owner Jim Irsay personally acknowledged the situation though he did not explicitly call out the Commanders.

Since then, at least one source within Luck’s camp has said the Commanders didn’t try to make any contact with Luck. Luck or anybody within his camp wouldn’t get punished regardless of if the reports are true or not, so they likely have no reason to lie. It’s unclear at this time if the NFL will pursue an investigation between the Commanders and Andrew Luck.

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