Damian Lillard and Agent set to meet with Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard Blazers

There have been multiple reports about where Damian Lillard stands with the Blazers future. He wants to have a shot at winning but wants to do so in Portland. The question comes to whether that is the direction the Front Office is willing to go or if they want to build toward the future. Currently, the Blazers star guard is on vacation in France. Though, he and his agent are set to meet with Joe Cronin when he returns.

Is the strong rookie class enough to keep the seven-time all-star engaged? Or will he request a trade like many think he should? The Blazers landed Scoot Henderson, Kris Murray and Rayan Rupert. The former two currently could have a significant impact next season, while the Rupert may be a year or two away. After the regular season, Damian Lillard had stated there were veterans who wanted to play for the Blazers, though the Trail Blazers have failed to make any significant trade for a star player to slot in alongside Lillard. The soon 33-year-old has repeated that statement in subsequent interviews.

So what is Lillard’s dream scenario? Well, Sam Amick of The Athletic has stated that he’s heard that scenario is Portland re-signing Jerami Grant and adding Draymond Green. Though, the Trail Blazers have been checking in on many other players.

Maybe, this meeting is to set who Lillard would like the Blazers to trade for. Not to mention, the agent is also going to be there. So maybe both sides will restructure the contract.

If Lillard believes Cronin and owner Jody Allen are serious about building a contender, then he’ll hold off a decision about his future through at least the early part of free agency. If he’s not convinced, the day that Portland fans dreaded (Lillard requesting a trade) may happen soon.

Where would Lillard go?

If Lillard requests a trade, the Miami Heat are the main team to watch. As they’ve been reported to have “serious interest,” on both sides.

The size of Lillard’s contract will be the main factor in any trade. With four seasons left at $216MM, including a $63MM player option for 2026/27, it’s hard to imagine any teams trading for Lillard unless he wants to go there.

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