Dark-horse Hire: How Coach Jason Brown Could Turn Around Nebraska

Coach Jason Brown
Last Chance U: Where is coach Jason Brown now? (Image: Netflix)

With Scott Frost out of Nebraska, There are a lot of questions as to who should fill that role. A lot of people say they should get a coach with a proven track record after years and years of struggling. With Nebraska being almost as low as it has been ever, there might be one guy who might have enough juice and charisma to turn the program around; that is Coach Brown.


Coach Brown has had a long history of being in the JUCO ranks, where he was pretty successful. Coach JB served as the Head Coach of his old Alma Mater, Compton Community College from 2007-2009. He went on to become the Head Coach at a High School from 2011-2014. He then served as the Offensive Coordinator and Recruiting Coordinator at Garden City Community College in Kansas. After this stop, he became huge when he then landed at Independence Community College as the head coach of the Indy Pirates. This was a team that didn’t have a winning record in a decade. While there, he is famous for being on Last Chance U, where he took this team to a 9-2 record and the school’s first bowl game win. The following season he went 2-8 and found himself in a lot of controversy that basically ended his coaching career as of now. Regardless, where he went, he found ways to make winners

While he did make mistakes and has paid for them since, teams are still sort of not interested due to all of it. I am not defending his actions for what he said, but people have done far worse and are in the college realm still. He deserves a second chance, and Nebraska could be the spot. Since coaching, He has made his own Whiskey and Cigar brand, while also writing a book. You can still find him on the internet doing what he does best, and that is football.

Why Coach Brown?

Coach Brown does have a bit of a bit of a history, but some of that just might be what Nebraska needs. Nebraska has been struggling to find wins, and as of recently everyone sees them as almost a pushover. During his time there, it almost seemed as if the quote ” I’ll figure it out” from coach Frost spelled doom. This is where Coach Brown can start to change it around. While he has mainly been at smaller colleges and JUCOS, he brought winners everywhere he went. At the junior college level, Brown has had the #1 ranked offense in California on numerous occasions, and was voted Coach of the Year on two different occasions. He has sent more than 130 players to Division I programs, along with having over 20 players in the NFL, and this number might have even grown some since.

He also brings a mindset that not very many coaches have. If you watched Last Chance U, there was a lot of strong language and a lot of yelling. From the outside this might seem like a problem, but if you asked the locker-room, I am sure they saw it differently. Maybe not everyone, but there were a good amount of players who enjoyed him. A lot of outside people said he abused players, was bad at coaching, and so on. What seemed to be missed from time to time was the situations. He is a winning coach who brings expectations of winning with him. Everyone might hate him in the moment, but they always seem to love him later.

How Coach Brown could change Nebraska

The reason Coach Brown would be so good is because of all of the things people question him for . He does have strong language, is animated, and does tend to like to yell and scream. However, this is all out of passion. His form of care is tough love, and he wants all of his guys to succeed. If you follow any of his socials, he will talk about his kids that make it. He will talk here and there and is so proud of them and what they have done to get there.

Being a head Coach is tough and takes very special people. With him on the Nebraska sideline, not only could he bring in some recruits on name alone, he brings in a winning expectation. It might not happen the first season, but by season two I bet you would see some progress. Coach JB would be a great hire for Nebraska. He brings a name with some weight to it, a different look for head coach for Nebraska, and could even help bring Nebraska back to some prominence in the Big 10.

If Coach Brown got the job at Nebraska, they would become a very interesting team people could not help but leave their eyes on. He could bring some much needed energy to the program, while also being a different type of coach than the usual one.

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