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Deshaun Watson Could Mean Disaster

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The Cleveland Browns entered hot water when they traded for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson made his highly anticipated season debut against his former team, the Houston Texans, to surprising results. While the Browns did secure a victory, no offensive touchdowns were scored. With that being said, the Browns, and by extension Watson, have now entered the point of no return. In essence, with the price tag hanging over his head, Deshaun Watson could mean disaster if he doesn’t live up to his contract.

Deshaun Watson Disastrous Return

The “triumphant” return of Deshaun Watson to an NFL regular season game was a letdown, to say the least. After serving his eleven-game suspension, Watson returned to the helm of the fifth-ranked offense in the NFL. However, there was no offensive touchdown for the Browns, despite the victory, 27-14. The underwhelming debut featured a stat line of 131 yards with an interception for the controversial QB. The offense had to lean on its rushing attack yet again, despite the supposed “upgrade” at the quarterback position. In fact, the rushing game outperformed the passing attack with a combined effort of 174 yards, as opposed to Watson’s yardage of 131 through the air.

The bleak performance put Watson under the spotlight yet again as it reminded the public of his contract, despite his lackluster return. For the record, Deshaun Watson is currently the highest-paid quarterback, and player, in the NFL. Remember, the Browns moved on the QB who led them to their first playoff appearance since 2002. In addition, that quarterback also gave them the organization’s first playoff win since the 1990s, in favor of Watson. Yet, his welcome back to the football field was not so warm. It is evident he still has rust to shake off, but if it doesn’t get any better, the Browns are really in hot water.

The Cleveland Browns are no strangers to controversy, especially given the sheer magnitude of the Watson trade. However, with their poor record this year, the consequences of their decision can affect people besides Watson. For example, Kevin Stefanski could very much be on the hot seat if the team doesn’t improve for the remainder of the year. And by extension, the GM, Andrew Berry will have to answer for his decision should Watson’s rust continue to show. The organization forfeited six draft picks (three first-rounders) in addition to the money they are coughing up to pay him. Simply put, the Browns desperately need him to get better results than Mayfield. Otherwise, Deshaun Watson could mean disaster for the Browns for years to come.

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