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Divisional round bets can be easy most of the time.  The teams coming off a bye from the wild card weekend have an astounding .810 winning percentage.  Meaning, if you played 100 games, those teams win 81 times out of a 100.  So that doesn’t really bode well for the 49ers and the Bengals.  Home teams coming off Wildcard Weekend during the Divisional round are not as successful with a .560 winning percentage.  So, while the Chiefs and Tampa Bay are favored, it is mostly because home field, not necessarily they are the better team.  So let me roll out this week’s picks and some reasons (my reasons) why.   

Bengals at Titans -3.5 Over/Under 47.5: 

Not going to spend a lot of time on this one.  The Bengals had a nice shining moment last week beating the Raiders and finally winning a playoff game. This week the Titans are going to, putting it mildly, absolutely truck them.  Derek Henry, AJ Brown, Julio Jones all back and healthy.  The Titan fans are going to be rocking the house and the Bengals are a year or two away from advancing past this round.   

Pick: Titans Money line.  I like the under also but not as confident. 

49ers at Green Bay -5.5 Over/Under 47.5 

Ugh, being honest here, I am a huge 49er fan.  Having said that, I will be betting with my heart and with good reason.   That reason is that Aaron Rodgers, as great of a regular season QB, is pedestrian at best in the playoffs.  Best part about that statement is the Packers and their fans, give him every out possible.  Whether it be no running game, no wide receivers, no defense and last year, my favorite, the head coach’s decision, is the reason why they lose playoff games.  So yes, I give the 49ers an above average chance to win. And if they do win, the blame should finally fall upon the shoulders of Rodgers.  But most likely they win this week.   

Pick: 49ers with all my heart with the points.   Big fan of the over.  

Rams at Tampa Bay -3.5 Over/Under 48.5 

Giving the Rams 3.5 here is simply because they are on the road.  Both these teams are good. Equal running games, better receivers on the Rams, better Tide End on the Buccaneers, both good defenses, good coaches, and QBs are both good.  Yes, Brady is better but Stafford shook the no playoff win monkey off his back.  With all of these factors coming into play, it is tough to pick a winner.  However, the Rams have a slight edge and it is a very important edge.  The Rams are hungry to win, to advance, and to get to that Super Bowl.   

Pick: Rams Money line and the Over 

Bills vs Chiefs -1.5 Over/Under 53.5 

I really like both these teams.  The two things I think that will most likely doom the Bills, no real running game threat (Josh Allen does not count) and playing at Arrowhead.  I do believe this will be a shootout, both teams defense won’t be able to stop the other offense so the over looks really good.   

Pick: Chiefs -1.5 and definitely the over.  

The Divisional Round Bets are ready to go. This should be an excellent week of games with only the Titans game as a blowout.  I would love to report next week that the 49ers ended Aaron Rodgers career as a Packer as he either goes to Denver, Seattle or New Orleans next year.  But the chances are not good this week but like they say, there still is a chance.  As always, good luck, bet small, win big and make good choices.  

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