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Dolphins-Bills Snow Game? Can Miami Handle The Cold?

The wind and snow that everyone expected to be factors for the Dolphins-Bills game so far is a now show. After two strong runs by Raheem Mostert Miami bogs down. Two incompletions and a false start equals a Miami punt. Miami May want to continue to run to get the Bills out of their two high safety look.

Two quick completions by Josh Allen, one to Dawson Knox and the other to Stefon Diggs, and the Bills look as if they are on the move. Just as quickly the Dolphins force a punt as their coverage tightens on first and third down.

Three straight runs by Miami to start their second drive show the commitment the team lacked at times the last two weeks. Tua appears sharper and more willing to take check downs than last week. A nice screen to Mostert, and a completion over the middle to Jaylen Waddle, moves the Dolphins to Buffalo’s 32. Mike McDaniel goes for it on fourth and one from the 23 and Mostert picks it up at the Bills 20. A sack on third and one Shaq Lawson forces a 39 yard Jason Sanders field goal. Miami leads 3-0 with 2:59 left in the first quarter.

Can Dolphins Coverage Hold Up Against Allen And Diggs?

It now falls to the Dolphins secondary and defensive line to contain Allen and Diggs. Knox again finds an open spot in the zone for a huge 45 yard gain. Completions to Devin Singletary and Quintin Morris gives Buffalo the lead, 7-3. It only took four plays, and 1:54, to go 75 yards for the score.

Miami counters with a 67 yard run by Mostert to set them up with a first and goal at the Bills 4. Drops Hill and Trent Sherfield leads to another Sanders field goal. Even with the drops Tua looks sharper and more confident than in the last two weeks.

Miami’s defense again fails to get off the field on a third and long as Allen finds Gabriel Davis for a 21 yard gain. James Cook and a 20 yard strike to Diggs brings Buffalo to the 20. Dolphins lose Nyheim Hines in coverage for an easy 10 yard touchdown.

Miami must find a way to counter yet again, and leave Allen much time to add on before the half. Officials delay the game due to fans throwing snow and ice balls on the field. Huge conversion on third and four as Waddle comes open down the near sideline for a 33 yard gain. Another huge conversion, this one to Hill puts Miami at the 26. Hill again finds space on an out to the Bills 11. Sylvan Ahmed then makes a nice cutback, and bursts in to the end zone, to bring Miami within one. The Dolphins now have 14-125 rushing, almost nine yards a rush.

Big Test For Miami D At The End OF The Half

Allen’s legs get Buffalo beyond their own 30 at the two minute warning. Dolphins catch a break as Knox drops a pass at Miami’s 32. The drop came after two quick throws to Diggs and Knox gets Buffalo to the Dolphins 47. Bills improve to 5-6 on third down as Isaiah McKenzie open along the sideline for 19. Two penalties and Buffalo has a first and five at the 9. Xavien Howard holds Davis to give the Bills another first down by penalty. Allen finds Cook from four yards out with no time left to put Buffalo up 21-13. Jevon Holland’s neck injury only makes Miami’s coverage issues worse. Miami lists him as doubtful to return.

The Bills continuing to attack the Dolphins secondary makes sense, meaning Miami must pressure and contain Allen. After a nine yard middle screen to Singletary Zach Sieler makes a huge stop of Singletary for a three yard loss. Davis slips on his route forcing Buffalo’s second punt, on their first drive of the second half.

Can Miami’s Run Game Continue To Click?

The best friend for Miami’s defense right now is the running game. On third and four Waddle outraces everyone for a 67 yard score. Tua fails to connect with Waddle in the back corner for the two point conversion. Buffalo still leads 21-19. Its the second 67 yard play for Miami against a typically stout Bills defense.

Knox again comes free for 21 yards, and Buffalo is driving again. The gain follows a 14 yard designed run by Allen. Two penalties help end a very promising drive for Buffalo. An excellent punt pins Miami at their own 11 but they now can flip the narrative of this game and take the lead.

The Miami-Buffalo snow game has not materialized, so far. The Dolphins look far more comfortable than expected in the cold, thanks to the run game. Their promising start to a drive that could have given them the lead ends when Tre’Davious White bats away a pass to Waddle.

Dolphins Defense Settles In

Holland returns to make two tackles and force the Bills to punt from their own end zone. Thomas Morstead’s punt pinned Buffalo at their own 2. After an excellent stand by the Bills defense Cameron Lewis tackles Morstead well after the punt, giving Miami a first down at the 35. Ahmed’s two runs set up Miami just at the edge of the red zone. Hill beats the jam on the line of scrimmage, and Tua finds him streaking down the far sideline for the 20 yard touchdown. Miami takes the lead for the first time since the first drive of the game, 26-21.

Two incompletions, including a could-go-either-way drop by McKenzie allows Miami to get off the field. Allen also misses Diggs after Howard slipped. Miami goes to the fourth with the lead, facing a third and three. A Dolphins-Bills snow game might not happen, but the teams still can provide plenty of excitement.

The biggest play of the night for the defense comes as Jaelan Phillips strips Allen, and Christian Wilkins recovers. Miami now with excellent field position and a chance to add to the lead. Taron Johnson makes a huge stop of Durham Smythe to hold Miami to a field goal. Jason Sanders continues his improved kicking of the last two weeks, drilling a 47 yarder. The Dolphins now lead 29-21 with 11:56 left.

Dolphins-Bills Snow Game Finally Happens

Finally snow falls and Buffalo hit two runs in a row. a 16 yard run by Cook is followed by a 44 yard burst by Allen. Another Allen run, plus a unnecessary roughness penalty, moves the ball all the way down to the 4. Dolphins, and some Bills players, have snow dumped on them by the crowd. After Diggs cannot come up with a pass in the back of the end zone, Allen is sacked at the 5. Allen then finds Knox breaking free for the touchdown. Upon review Allen breaks the plane for the two point conversion, tying the game.

The Dolphins-Bills snow game is in full effect. Tua hops around on the sideline to stay warm. He makes two excellent throws, one to Hill, one to Cedrick Wilson to move across midfield. Buffalo stiffens once the Dolphins reach the 40. 5:56 left with Buffalo backed up inside their 10 again.

After a first down sack Allen and Davis connect for 15. Diggs picks up a first down with a six yard catch. Another six yard reception, this one by McKenzie, another huge first down for Buffalo. Bills at the Dolphins 45 at the two minute warning.

Dolphins-Bills snow means Santa sightings in the stands, and more running by the Bills. Kader Kohou with a huge pass interference, as the Bills ran a pick play, and Kohou never looked for the ball. It sets up a chip shot field goal for Tyler Bass, and his 25 yarder puts Buffalo in the playoffs.

Early Red Zone Misfires, Failure To Run The Ball In Short Yardage Hurts Miami

Credit to Allen the Buffalo offense for two huge drives late to win the game, but Miami gave them the chance in part due to play calling. Two early misfires in the red zone gave Buffalo the lead at the half. At times the Dolphins failed to follow up a good first down run with another one, stifling their momentum. Those missed opportunities gave the Bills a chance to pull out the win.

Miami again stuffed the backs rushing, but another mobile quarterback hurt them. Allen rushed 10-77. including the massive 44 yarder that set up the game tying score. Sticking with their coverage against Aaron Rodgers will be key next week. Miami’s defense plays better at home, and they will need to to defeat Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Despite three straight losses the opportunity to make the playoffs still exists for Miami. The offense and defense must show more consistency for that to happen. At times the season shows promise of more than that, anything less than playoffs would leave Miami’s players and fans with a very empty feeling.

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