Is Drew McIntyre Leaving WWE?

Drew Mcintyre
Photo credit: WWE

Whether or not, Drew McIntyre is leaving the WWE is the current question in front of many fan’s minds right now. McIntyre is currently unhappy with his current position within the WWE. McIntyre’s frustrations are being reported but it’s important to realize, he only has months left on his current contract. At this point, there has been no talk of him re-signing. With McIntyre’s current status within the WWE, it has raised many questions about his future in the company.

Many believe Drew McIntyre Will Leave

Many fans believe that McIntyre is on his way out of the WWE. The Scottish warrior has not been seen on tv and his last appearance was at Wrestlemania 39. At Wrestlemania, McIntyre was involved in a triple threat match for the Intercontinental championship. McIntyre was pulled from television due to a minor injury he sustained. In fact, he suffered this injury during the build to Wrestlemania 39. His injury hasn’t been specified directly but it has been serious enough to keep him off television. As of recently many believe that there is a good chance McIntyre leaves once his contract is up.

McIntyre Was Drafted By Raw

With all of the speculation about his WWE and current status within the company. In reality, McIntyre won’t be leaving WWE anytime soon. McIntyre was drafted to Monday Night Raw in the WWE draft, taken in the third round with the tenth pick overall. With the WWE about to crown a new World Heavy Weight Champion. McIntyre could return and be a surprise entrant into the tournament.

McIntyre Should Turn Heel

Upon McIntyre’s return, he should turn heel. Ever since his run toward becoming the WWE Champion he has been a babyface. A heel turn could offer McIntyre a chance to freshen up his character. For instance, turning heel would allow him a spot back at the top of the WWE roster. It could give him the chance to feud with some of the top babyfaces and give him the opportunity to once again be in the spotlight. As of now, it remains to be seen how the WWE will be using McIntyre moving forward.

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