Wrestling Storylines That Need to End: Edge vs Judgement Day

Edge Judgement Day
Credit: WWE

The storyline between Edge and Judgement Day started out great. Rhea Rhipley and Damian Priest betrayed the creator of the faction when they added Finn Balor. After a windy road of tag team matches, Edge took on the new leader Balor in an “I Quit” match at Extreme Rules.

The WWE could have ended the feud there, but they have kept it going. Edge returned in 2023 and resumed the feud.

The continuing feud will now see Edge face Judgement Day leader Finn Balor in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania. Factions are a good thing in wrestling and Judgement Day has been one of the better factions in recent years. Both Ripley and Dominik Mysterio have seen their talent used in numerous amount of ways. Fans have been able to get behind the pairing of Mysterio and Ripley but the storyline between Edge and Judgement Day has become stale.

Both parties have shown they can do some great things without each other. Edge is a Hall of Famer, who is not getting younger. He deserves at least one more run as a World Heavyweight Champion. The feud has been dragged on far too long. The Judgement Day does not need to be disbanded, but the storyline needs to come to end soon, if not at WrestleMania. Though, there is no better way to end a story than on the “Grandest Stage Of Them All”.

The faction has become more than what Edge envisioned:

“It’s turned into something entirely different, and better, quite honestly,” Edge said via Fightful. “Where it’s at now is the goal I had in mind. I really thought the concept of The Judgment Day, the idea behind it was, ‘here are these talented individuals who I truly felt weren’t getting the opportunity that they deserved, and if they got that opportunity, they could fly with it.’ I had been watching them all since NXT and kind of kept tabs on them and kept my eye on them all these years. When I was asked about starting a group, and was asked who would be in it, the first names I said were Priest, Ripley, Balor. It changed and morphed and went through a lot of different permutations.”

So how would Judgement Day look like if Edge was still the leader?

“I honestly thought we would maybe get to this part of the story, now,” Edge said. “You have to make due and figure it out. Thankfully, they were given the reigns to take this in a different direction, an entirely different direction than it would have with Edge at the helm because, with Edge at the helm, it’s swimming upstream because we’re trying to get an audience to turn on a character, but they know the backstory of this character, they know the real-life story, they know Adam’s story, so it’s like, ‘We don’t want to hate this guy because he fought back for something that he wanted back. He’s also doing something that no one has ever done before. He’s wrestling with a triple fusion in his neck.’ No one has ever done that. It can be hard to hate that. I was trying. I was trying every old-school heel trick in the book. It just wasn’t going to work. It might have, eventually, with more time, but it would have taken a lot more work. Thankfully, all four of them, with the addition of Dom, have taken this thing in completely different directions. They’re more themselves, and when you can be more yourself, chances are it’s going to work because you’re going to inject the actual person behind the character with some reality, truths, and actual interests in a way you would actually speak.”

There’s a chance we may see ‘Demon’ Finn Balor at ‘Mania. Though, after the annual event both parties need to go their separate ways. So, this needs to be the end-all, be-all match.

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